My name is

Nick Cestro

I’m the inventor manufacturer and patent holder of the one and only mechanical pool cue to hit the market ! When I invented my nixstixx mechanical pool cue I was on a mission to manufacture a cue that was unique , changed the game of billiards and put a new twist into an old game that would also change the dynamics of it !

We have always pulled the cue backward and pushed it forward to make the shots, and it’s always been a piece of wood , graphite or fiberglass , and some solid ones that are aluminum . My cue works by twisting the knob for the amount of impact you want the tip to hit the ball and a trigger release button to release the tip to strike the ball .

Many say this is cheating or levels the playing field , till they get it in their hands , then it’s a whole different story ! It doesn’t do that ! They don’t hit the ball ,its adjusted to hard or to soft , the tip is too far away from the ball or other things that affect the shot from not stroking the cue ,and having to push a button to make your shot. My cue is a new tool to play the game of pool ,you have to learn the game all over again , and learn the cue and it completely changes it ,and tests your playing skills on a whole different level ,Have you ever wondered why haven’t I ever seen one of these cues a long time ago ? Well I wondered the same thing, spring loaded cues or mechanical cues have been made since the 1800 but the problem was that they only lasted a few games or for a few weeks and stopped functioning so they never massed produced them I found this out when my patent was being done in 2003 .

My cue has a number of serious improvements from the past ones , two key features , first all of they had a certain notches when you cocked them this did not give you fine tuning on how hard you hit the ball for an infinite choice of impact on the cue ball , not only a number of chicest of notches on the cue , as all the old models . My cues trigger is actually a button and not some goofy looking lever that sticks out the side of the cue 2 feet , it’s a button and it is depressed firmly into the cue to release the tip to make the shot .The button sits in the retainer ring and is 1/4 inch higher than the ring and sinks down 1/8 of an inch when depressed .My cue also breaks down into two pieces and fits in any cue case , my cue is also a quality product machined out of aluminum and anodized in a multitude of colors for beautiful lustrous colors of your choice .As with any quality cue it is not used for breaking, always use a house cue .
Modified Cue Upgrade
My cue is not designed for breaking but for making accurate shots on the billiards table when adjusted for each shot .My cue will hit a ball hard enough to lob it off the table and soft as a feather! My cue can be used also for certain trick shots, masse , and English .I was told all this by a customer that called me to inform me of it after he changed the tip .My cue is the one that all cue makers and the ape is scared of , when it takes over the standard cue and the way we play ! I have sold to everyone – lawyers , doctors , children , celebrities , surgeons , all walks of life and all over the U.S . It’s also done wonders for the disabled in our community ! My cue also has a one year warranty parts and labor and doesn’t warp, oh and this one you don’t use to break over some ones head in a bar, cause they won’t be getting up ! We don’t live in the 1800 anymore and we don’t drive model t fords any more .My cue is the next generation of pool players and it’s taking us into the future , changing the way we play and revolutionizing the game ! Learn it !

Embrace it , and most of all enjoy it !
Don’t be scared of it ! This is how we evolve ! Change is inevitable !


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