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1) Thrust Calibration

  • Adjust the calibrated setting to the precise impact thrust desired for your next shot.


2) Trigger Mechanism

  • Line up your shot for accuracy. Then, simply squeeze the trigger.


3) Actuating Trigger

  • Squeezing the trigger activates tip to strike the ball straight and true at just the right impact speed desired.



  • Prevents over-swing, under-swing and side-arm motion that can negatively effect the accuracy of your shot.
  • Allows you to better focus your attention on lining-up / targeting your shot “more accurately”.
  • Allows you to better manage / control “English” (spin) on the cue ball.
  • Eliminates over-powering the cue ball “off the table”
  • Makes “longer reaching shots” more manageable
  • Eliminates “back swing bumping” (into objects or people)
  • Eliminates gouging and damaging of table surfaces
  • Makes play “especially more easy” for handicapped
  • Teaches / encourages “control” and diminishes / discourages “overly rowdy behavior”.
  • Our non-customized cues are “competitively priced” to other pool cues
  • Our metal shaft construction won’t warp (like wooden cues may).